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Library Glossary: A-B


Abstract – A brief summary of a book or article.

Academic Integrity  Academic integrity describes the practice of making ethical choices in your work. It involves a commitment to honesty, trust, fairness and responsibility. CBU students demonstrate academic integrity by earning their grades through hard work and dedication, and by refraining from cheating of any kind. More information about Academic Integrity can be found here.

Archive(s)  A collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people. The archive at Cape Breton University is the Beaton Institute.

Audiovisual Electronic media that uses sound and visual components. Examples of audiovisual materials include films, cd's, sound recordings, etc.



Barcode – The 14-digit number found on the back cover of a book or item. A barcode can also be found on the back of your CBU student ID card.

Bibliographic Information  The content and publication details of a book, article, or other type of document. Bibliographic information includes the name of the author, title of the publication (book, book chapter, article, etc.) and the date of publication.

Bibliography or Reference List  A list containing citations of resources used in an assignment, research paper or other document.

Book A print monograph.

Boolean Operators   Words used to express the relationship between search terms. These operators can be used when searching in the library catalogue to narrow down your search for more accurate results. Examples of boolean operators include: AND, OR, and NOT.