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About Off-Campus Access

Proxy service

Cape Breton University students, faculty and staff can access all library electronic resources remotely (at home, in your office, anywhere off-campus) via its proxy server.


No setup or configuration is needed to access library resources off-campus. Log in using your CBU email address and password. If you cannot access your CBU email, contact IT.

  •     Click on the E-journal or database you want to use.
  •     A login box (the same as email login) pops up.
  •     Enter your CBU email ID and password.
  •     Secure off-campus access to licensed library resources over the Internet.

Who has Off-Campus access?

Anyone with a valid CBU email ID.  Retired faculty who have been approved as emeritus can also access resources via the proxy. Alumni may not use the proxy service to access e-resources, however may come to the library and access materials here.

How do I get URL links to resources from Off-Campus?

The easiest way to put links to resources is from the Novanet search results, that will prompt the user to login once the resource is clicked. Also, several databases have a 'permalink' option you can use to link to library materials. You can also use our Off-Campus URL Generator (See the right box) to create custom links to resources that will prompt a login.

Why am I being asked to log in to this journal/resource?

If you are off campus, you will be prompted to login using your cbu email and password when you click on a journal or database. If you are asked to login again, you may have disconnected from the proxy server or are requesting a resource that requires additional login information.

Having trouble accessing the proxy server?

If you are having trouble connecting, try clearing your cache or use another web browser.

Additional tips:

  •     Use the most current version of your web browser
  •     Enable cookies on your browser
  •     Ensure you have the most current security updates for your device
  •     Some products, such as Zotero, store proxy information. You may need to clear information from the settings menu of various add ons such as Zotero.

If you are still unable to connect, e-mail

If your CBU email login is not working, contact IT:


Off-Campus URL Generator

You can access library subscription resources from off-campus by starting from the CBU Library Website.

If you have a link from another source, you can use this form to modify it to work with the Off-Campus Access system. (The form adds our hosted EZProxy prefix to the URL so that it is sent through the authentication server.)


Use this form for URL's that start with "https://". Your URL will be appended to our EZProxy and shown below.


  • URL:
  • URL with Off-Campus EZProxy prefix:

Off-campus Web Proxy Prefix