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The Tiny House Movement book launch with Tracey Harris

Date: November 29, 2018 12:00pm
Location: Library Student Lounge

Tracey Harris is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at CBU. She teaches introductory anthropology & sociology, sociology of deviance, environmental sociology, and animals and people. She has authored recent chapters in Animal oppression and capitalism: the oppression of nonhuman animals as sources of food (edited by David Nibert, Praeger, 2017) and in Sociology of home: belonging, community, and place in the Canadian context (edited by Anderson, Moore, and Suski, Canadian Scholars' Press, 2016). Find more information about Tracey Harris.

Tracey Harris was at CBU Library for the launch of her new book, The tiny house movement: challenging our consumer culture, which features in-depth interviews with movement residents, builders, and advocates, as well as Tracey's insights from her fieldwork of living tiny. She discussed how the movement is challenging consumerism, overwork, and environmental destruction, as well as facilitating a more meaningful understanding of home.

Tracey Harris at the launch of her new book, <i>The Tiny house movement: challenging our consumer culture</i>.

Tracey Harris at the launch of her new book. Photo credit: Carla White.

Tracey's book can be found in the CBU Library General Collection by using call number: NA 7533 H37 2018. Other resources about the Tiny House Movement can be found here.

This event was sponsored by the Department of L'nu, Political, and Social Studies & the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Inspired by Nature: Geology Edition with Deanne Van Rooyen

Date: November 28, 2018 12:00 pm
Location: Library Student Lounge

Dr. Deanne van Rooyen is an Associate Professor of Geology at Cape Breton University where she is also the co-director and co-founder of the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment degree program. She teaches courses in physical geology, engineering geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, and environmental studies She received her BSc and PhD in Earth Sciences from Carleton University. Find more information about Dr. Deanne van Rooyen.

At this lunch and learn event, Dr. van Rooyen discussed her research and field work in Northern Canada, with an emphasis on showcasing some of the extraordinary landscapes and communities that inspire and sustain her geological research. She also addressed some of the contributions of geological science toward the sustainability movement and the reasons these contributions are so poorly known and under valued.

Dr. van Rooyen discusses her geological research. Photo credit: Harkanwal Kaur.

Browse our Geology Guide to find some excellent geological resources.

This lunch and Learn was part of the Inspired by Nature Series, a joint initiative of The Sustainability Project and The Animal Ethics Project.

Viola Desmond, Her Life and Times book launch with Dr. Graham Reynolds and Wanda Robson

Date: November 27, 2018 4:00pm
Location: Library Student Lounge

Dr. Graham Reynolds is a Professor Emeritus and the Viola Desmond Chair of Social Justice. He received his BA from the University of Minnesota, and his MA, BEd, and PhD from Queen’s University. Professor Reynolds’ research interests focus on cross-cultural studies and on developing new approaches to the teaching and learning of Canadian history and social studies. Find more information about Dr. Graham Reynolds.

Catherine Arseneau, Dean of the CBU Library and Director of Cultural Resources at CBU's Art Gallery and Beaton Institute, welcomed everyone and introduced the event speakers and the Jubilee Singers, who commenced with Viola Desmond.

Viola Desmond books and posters

Photo left: Event Signage; Photo right: Copies of Viola Desmond: Her Life and Times. Photo credit: Anita Clemens.

CBU President, David Dingwall, spoke about Viola Desmond making Canadian history and the fact that Viola's sister, Wanda Robson, obtained her degree from CBU while in her 70's. He also spoke about the power of education and congratulated both Wanda and Dr. Graham Reynolds on their new book about Viola titled Viola Desmond: Her Life and Times, which was launched at the event.

Dr. Reynolds then reflected on teaching Wanda as a student, their collaboration, and the power of education. He noted the symbolism in the new Canadian $10 bill's vertical orientation, which features a picture of Wanda's sister, Viola Desmond, and speaks of a new direction and an opportunity to correct the injustices of the past. He also gave a reading from the book, Family ties and North-end Halifax.

Viola's sister, Wanda Robson, thanked everyone who helped to spread Viola's message, and talked about Viola's story being highlighted at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights - such a huge accomplishment from a woman who survived the Halifax explosion as a young child. She relayed that Viola was like a second mother to her, especially when it came to education, and was often a matchmaker for her clients.

Dr. Graham Reynolds and Wanda Robson book launch

Dr. Graham Reynolds and Wanda Robson discuss their new book, Viola Desmond: Her Life and Times. Photo credit: Anita Clemens.

Monique LeBlanc, a representative from the Bank of Canada, spoke about how bank notes tell the stories that shape our country as well as the unique process in creating this particular bill - the first non-royal woman on a Canadian bank note. She stated that there is a lot of symbolism on the bill: the vertical design, prominent images of Viola, map of Viola's community, the Eagle Feather, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the excerpt from the Candian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She then presented Dr. Reynolds with framed $10 bills.

Left: Monique LeBlanc discusses aspects of the new Canadian $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond.  Right: Monique LeBlanc  presents framed $10 bills to Dr. Graham Reynolds

Left: Monique LeBlanc discusses aspects of the new Canadian $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond.
Right: Monique LeBlanc presents framed new Canadian $10 bills featuring Viola Desmond. Photo credit: Anita Clemens.

The audience enjoyed a piece by the Jubilee Singers before they had the opportunity to exchange their old $10 bank notes for the new ones featuring Viola's image.

Find Dr. Reynolds' new book in the CBU Library using call number: FC 2346.26 D48 R49 2018. Other resources about Viola Desmond and other courageous women in Canada and Nova Scotia can be found here.

The Future of Remembrance

Date: November 8, 2018 12:00pm
Location: Library Student Lounge

Dr. Sean Howard is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Cape Breton University.  In addition to nuclear disarmament, his current research interests include the political history of twentieth century physics, the history and philosophy of science, and the military and environmental impact of new technologies.  Find more information about Dr. Sean Howard.

Dr. Howard reflected on The World Remembers project - a unique international experiment in commemorating the Great War as the truly global, human tragedy and disaster it was. In the months leading up to the five Remembrance Days of the Great War Centenary (2014-2018), its aim has been to show in as many places and countries as possible as many names as possible of the over ten million people who served and died, on all sides and fronts of the fighting. Starting on September 21st this year, the CBU Library has kept the display of names going for 12 hours a day, for 49 days - ending on Friday November 9.

Dr. Howard quoted Hermann Hesse, the famous German author from The Path of Love, an article written in December of 1918 in Germany :

     “Good ideas are in the air – the brotherhood of man, a League of Nations,
friendly cooperation among all peoples, disarmament. There has been much talk of them,
some of it not very serious. We must take these ideas seriously…[f]or never again must
we revert to what we were: a powerful people with a great deal of money and many cannon,
governed by money and cannon. … To do so would be to renounce everything which,
prompted by deep affliction and desperate self-knowledge, we have done and begun...”
Dr. Sean Howard reflects on the future of war commemoration.

Dr. Sean Howard reflects on the future of war commemoration. Photo credit: Harkanwal Kaur.

Search for related WWI resources in our WWI: Canada and Nova Scotia Subject Guide.

The event formed part of the Library’s participation in the global World Remembers project, and was co-sponsored by CBU Library and Peace Quest Cape Breton.