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Reference Resources

Dictionaries, encyclopedia, handbooks, and more!

Where are they located?

A few years ago, visitors to academic and public libraries would often see a large collection of books (known as the Reference Collection) as they entered the library. This important collection could contain hundreds or even thousands of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, and other special publications. 

This is no longer the case - reference books are distributed throughout a library's physical and virtual spaces. In the CBU Library, reference books can be found in:

  • electronic reference collections such as CREDO and AccessEngineering
  • electronic book collections such as Academic e-Books (EBSCO)
  • a print reference collection (second floor)
  • the general library collection

Use this guide to discover how:   

  1. reference books can help you with your research
  2. to locate the best resource for your need 

Discipline-specific books are featured on this guide however do know there are many other titles available.