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D - DR ► History (General) and History of Europe

DS - DX ►History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

DS ► History of Asia

DT ► History of Africa

DU ► History of Oceania (South Seas)

DU 80-398 ► Australia

DX ► History of Gypsies

E - F ► History: America

E 77-99 ► Native peoples of Canada

FC ► Canadian History

Additional sections:

CB 156 ► Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages

DF 234-234.9 ► Alexander the Great, 336-323 B.C.

DG 261-267 ► Julius Caesar. First Triumvirate, 60

E 99 M6 ► Mi'kmaq

E 105 ► Norse discoveries of America

E 359.85 ► Canadian participation in the American Civil War

FC 2350.5 ► Acadians in Nova Scotia

FC 106 C4 ► Celts as an element of the Canadian population

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