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Maroun-El Kady Collection of Books on the Middle East

This collection, named after two eminent individuals with roots in, and special attachment to the Middle East, will assist scholars and students in understanding a vital, fascinating and complex region, one from where CBU draws many students and which, in everyone's interest, must be better understood in Canada.

Sample Books

And Then All Hell Broke Loose

DS 39.3 E54 2017

Education in the Arab World

LA 1491 E374 2017

The Terror Years

HV 6433 M5 W75 2017

Keepers of the Golden Shore

DS 247 T88 M682 2016

Civil Resistance in the Arab Spring

JQ 1850 A91 C56 2016

Righteous Transgressions

HQ 1236.5 I75 B46 2016

Islam in Liberalism

DS 61.85 M37 2016

A History of the Modern Middle East

DS 62.4 C53 2016

Women in Revolutionary Egypt

HQ 1236.5 E3 A265 2016

The Polythink Syndrome

JZ 1480 M564 2016

The Literary Life of Cairo

DT 146 L58 2016

From Oil to Knowledge

HC 79 I55 A46 2016

The Fall of the Ottomans

D 566 R56 2016

Children of the Stone

ML 418 A287 T65 2016

Islamic Feminism in Kuwait

HQ 1170 G657 2014

Saudi Arabia and Iran

DS 227 M33 2016

Qatar: A Modern History

DS 247 Q35 F76 2012

King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

DS 244.6 V37 2015

A Cultural History of the Arabic Language

PJ 6075 G8 2014

How Capitalism Failed the Arab World

HC 498 H49 2014

The Lost Spring

JQ 1850 A91 P46 2014

Taking to the Streets

JQ 1850 A91 T343 2014

Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah

E 183.8 I55 A598 2014

Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East

DS 63.2 G4 R823 2014

Iran and the United States

E 183.8 I7 M87 2015

The Sunni-Shi'a Divide

BP 194.16 B48 2013

Work and Leisure in the Middle East

HD 4904.6 S73 2013

Oil for Food

HD 9017 P47 W64 2013

An Unpromising Land

JV 8749 A436 2014

The Ottoman Endgame

DS 63.04 M38 2015

Islam and Politics

JC 49 M259 2014

Rebel Music

BP 188.18 Y68 A36 2014

The Power and the People

JQ 1758 A91 T75 2013

Britain and the Formation of the Gulf States

DS 247 A135 S28 2016

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

BP 10 J383 A635 2016

Desert Kingdoms to Global Powers

HC 415.3 M55 2016

Hero of the Crossing

DT 107.85 L565 2016

The Modern Middle East

DS 62.4 G37 2016

Islamic Counselling

BP 190.5 C68 R37 2016

Arabic Thought Beyond the Liberal Age

BP 190.5 C68 R37 2016

Making History in Iran

DS 271.5 V45 2015

A History of Modern Oman

DS 247 O68 J66 2015

Ambiguities of Domination

DS 98.4 W43 2015

Surviving Images

PN 1995.9 M455 R38 2015

Going to War

DS 79.767 P83 F45 2015

Judges and Political Reform in Egypt

KRM 1612 A67 J83 2015

War Against the People

HD 9743 I762 H35 2015

Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula

ML 348 U75 2015

The Rise of the Israeli Right

DS 150 R5 S55 2015

Hidden Face of Eve

HQ 1784 S1813 2015

Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

HQ 1170 A346 2015

New Voices in Arab Cinema

PN 1993.5 A65 A765 2015

Modern Arab Art

N 7265.3 S53 2007

Elections and Democratization in the Middle East

JQ 1758 A95 E47 2014

Gulf Politics and Economics in a Changing World

JQ 1840 G85 2014

Out of Bounds

LC 72 A416 2014

Iranian Identity and Cosmopolitanism

DS 266 I67 2016

The New Sectarianism

BP 194.16 A24 2017

After the Sheikhs

JQ 1840 D38 2012


BF 636.7 C76 C686 2012

The Islamophobia Industry

BP 52 L41 2012

The Oil Kings

E 183.8 I55 C66 2012

Anatomy of Dissent in Islamic Societies

BP 195.13 S68 2013

Life after Ruin

DS 110 T36 K465 2017

Middle East Map with Population

page 85 - Held, Colbert C., and John Thomas Cummings. Middle East Patterns: Places, Peoples, and Politics. 5th ed. Boulder: Westview Press, 2011. (Cartography by John V. Cotter)

See Page 85 - Held, Colbert C., and John Thomas Cummings. Middle East Patterns: Places, Peoples, and Politics. 5th ed. Boulder: Westview Press, 2011. (Cartography by John V. Cotter)