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L'nu & Indigenous Studies

Canada’s Residential Schools: Reconciliation

Quotes from The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Volume 6  

Reconciliation must inspire Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples to transform Canadian society so that our children and grandchildren can live together in dignity, peace, and prosperity on these lands we now share (p. 4).

Mi’kmaq and other Indigenous laws stress that humans must journey through life in conversation and negotiation with all creation. Reciprocity and mutual respect help sustain our survival. It is this kind of healing and survival that is needed in moving forward from the residential school experience (p. 13).

We Were Children (2012) NFB

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We Were Children Tim Wolochatiuk , National Film Board of Canada

Canada’s Residential Schools

Each volume includes an extensive bibliography of Primary Sources, Legal Sources (e.g., case laws) and Secondary Sources (books, book chapters, journal articles, reports, websites, newspapers and broadcast media, theses and dissertations)

The volumes are downloadable.

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