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"After I fasted in Kootenay Plains Alberta I told my story of how I cried for my people because we were losing our ways, and how I could help restore our spirit through this song because thats what we need to do. Honor and respect ourselves as a people and help one another as the creator has placed us upon mother earth. We must strive for peace and understanding for a spiritual way."

According to the Mi'kmaq Spirit website, Kepmite'tmnej, "the Mi'kmaw Honour Song, was received in the sweatlodge by George Paul in the 1980s". George Paul, a singer-songwriter from the Metepenagiag First Nation (Red Bank), New Brunswick, "has been involved with the Traditional Movement in reviving Mi'kmaw songs, chants, and ceremonies for over thirty years." The Mi'kmaw Honour Song "features a combination of meaningful text in Mi'kmaq and vocables, and it is generally repeated four times."


This recording features various Elders sharing their stories in the Mi'kmaw language including Anthony Morris, Nancy Googoo, Nora Bernard, Bernie Marshall, William Googoo, Sandy Julien, Joey Gould, Bridget Denny, and Margaret Johnson (Dr. Granny). The recording was produced for the Centre of Excellence within the Eskasoni School Board, by Mi'kmaq Wowkwis Video Productions which was operated by Aluin Marshall and Barry Bernard.

Date of Creation: [between 1990-2003]

This recording contains various traditional and non-traditional cover songs sung in the Mi'kmaw language by Sarah Denny, Noel R. Denny and Janice Denny at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax, NS on August 21, 1975.

0:00-2:25- Yellow Bird (Sung in Mi’kmaq)- Sarah Denny
2:35-5:17- Friendship Song- Sarah Denny
5:20-7:35- Celebration Song (I’ko’)- Janice Denny
7:42-8:30- Ko’jua - Noel R. Denny
8:40-9:45- Ko’jua- Sarah Denny
9:53-10:13- Thanks to audience