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Donated Collections

The Gerald L. Pocius Folklore Collection

Gerald L. Pocius

The Gerald L. Pocius Folklore Collection first arrived at Cape Breton University Library in 2009 with an initial donation of more than 10,000 items. This incredibly diverse collection was made possible by the generous donation of Dr. Gerald L. Pocius. The CBU Library owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Pocius for his inestimable contributions to our collection.

The collection, currently consisting of several thousand items, features an interdisciplinary scope and covers a variety of countries and subject areas with a focus on folklore and popular culture; including materials on architecture, music, art, myth, cooking, religion, history and more.

Items within the collection have been marked with a Pocius Folklore Collection bookplate. The collection has been interspersed throughout the general collection unless otherwise indicated in Novanet.

A representative sample of the collection has been accumulated in LibraryThing and can be viewed by clicking here or by clicking any of the titles in the digital display found on this page. Patrons interested in loaning materials in the collection should verify the availability of individual items in Novanet before recording the call numbers of desired items and locating them in the library stacks.

Sample Books

People Called Shakers

BX 9765 A6 1963

Quilts from the Civil War

TT 835 B6423 1997

Documents in Canadian Architecture

NA 740 D63 1992

Key Moments in Architecture

NA 9090 V45 1999

African Nomadic Architecture

NA 7461 A1 P78 1995

Folklore and the Sea

GR 910 B37 1996

The Mosque

NA 4670 M67 1994

Spiritual Path, Sacred Place

NA 4600 B37 1996

Atlantic Canada and Confederation

HC 117 M35 A43 1983

Development Anthropology

GN 397.5 N65 2002

The Material Life of Human Beings

GN 406 S34 1999

Folk Art Potters of Japan

GN 406 S34 1999

English Folk Poetry

PR 976 R4 1980

The Architecture of New York City

NA 735 N5 R49 1994

Joe Norris : Painted Visions of Nova Scotia

ND 249 N67 R56 2000


NA 8350 B89 1992

Rural Architecture of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado

NA 8301 S74 1989

Folktales of Egypt

GR 355 F64 1980

Irish American Material Culture

E 184 I6 E43 1988

Scottish Doocots

DA 770 B89 1987

6,000 Years of Housing

NA 7125 S383 2000

Ozark Magic and Folklore

GR 110 M77 R276 1964

Houses of Worship

NA 5205 H69 2003

Historic American Towns along the Atlantic Coast

F 106 B66 1999

The First House

NA 2500 D75 1997

Himalayan Architecture

NA 1510.8 H56 B47 1997

Old Nova Scotian Quilts

TT 835 R62 1995

Artistic Heritage in a Changing Pacific

N 7410 A78 1993

Ireland and the Atlantic Heritage

DA 925 E89 1996

Shaping Seattle Architecture

NA 735 S45 S53 1994

Log Houses

NA 8470 C48 1995


HS 425 M317 1991

The Culture of Wilderness

S 441 K57 1996

Peasantry to Capitalism

HD 2020 O88 H66 1994

Ecologies of the Heart

GE 170 A53 1996

Islamic Architecture

NA 380 H52 1994

East and Southeast Asian Material Culture in North America

E 184 O6 H37 1989

Islamic Tiles

NK 4670.7 A78 P67 1995

Food, Ecology and Culture

GN 407 F66 1980

The Early Years of Native American Art History

E 98 A7 E27 1992

Traditional Nova Scotian Double-Knitting Patterns

TT 820 D49 1985

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Canadian Society

FC 95 I54 1990

Theory and History of Folklore

GR 202 P7513 1984

Kansas Quilts and Quilters

TT 835 K36 1993

Scottish Houses and Gardens

DA 875 G69 1997

The Irish Countryman

GN 585 I7 A73 1988

Folk-Lore of the Holy Land

GR 285 H2 1935

Jewish Magic and Superstition

GR 98 T7 1970

A History of Russian Architecture

NA 1181 B72 1993

Mining Photographs and Other Pictures, 1948-1968

HD 9554 C23 G55

Hawaiian Sculpture

NB 1255 U6 C68 1988

Russian Traditional Culture

DK 510.32 R87 1992

The Folk Art of Java

NK 1060 J3 F57 1994

Modern Art in the Common Culture

N 6450 C76 1996

Objects of Myth and Memory

E 98 A7 F36 1991

Contemporary Native American Architecture

E 98 A63 K75 1996

The Articulated Peasant

F 3429.3 E2 M38 2002

Newfoundland in the North Atlantic World, 1929-1949

FC 2174.2 N43 1988

History of Food

TX 353 T6413 1992

Made in Italy

TX 723 L62 2007

French Food at Home

TX 719 C22 2003

Great British Cooking

TX 717 G32 1992

The Food of China

GT 2853 C6 A53 1988

African Architecture

NA 1580 E44 1997