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Donated Collections

The Collection

The Silver Donald Cameron Collection has emerged out of the repeated donations of renowned author and educator Silver Donald Cameron. Hundreds of items have been donated to the CBU Library by Dr. Cameron since 2004.

Currently consisting of approximately 1,000 items, the collection is a direct reflection of Dr. Cameron's donations. As such the collection includes items from numerous subject areas, but the collection possesses a significant focus on Canadian and maritime literature. The CBU Library thanks Dr. Cameron for his help in enhancing our existing collections through his contributions.

Items within the collection are marked with a bookplate and are interspersed throughout the general collection unless otherwise indicated. Patrons interested in loaning materials in the collection should verify the availability of individual items in Novanet.

Silver Donald Cameron

Archbishop Edward Ted Scottphoto credit: Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia

Silver Donald Cameron is an award-winning author, speaker and eductor. He was the first Dean of the School of Community Studies at CBU, and holds an honorary degree from Cape Breton University as well as both the Order of Canada and the Order of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Cameron has written extensively, contributing to newspapers, magazines and authoring numerous books. CBU Library currently houses 16 works by Dr. Cameron which are available for loan:

For more details on Dr. Cameron's publications and appearances, visit his website:

Sample Titles

PS 8545 I415 Z47 2007

PS 3569 H7385 C47 2010

BF 637 S4 P43 1978

PS 8523 A927 Z994 2005

HC 240 R54 2004

PR 2829 A2 N45 2006

HC 79 E5 F723 2000

DS 778 Z48 A3 1992

SB 611 J65 1994

PS 3558 A423 P53 1996

JL 31 W65 1992

DD 247 H46 W35 2002

TF 573 W53 1979

DA 681 W27 2000

PR 6039 H52 C48 1968

HD 6525 S75 A3 1992

TF 24 F6 S73 2002

PS 8587 H46 L37 1997

PR 2981 S55 1993

PS 3569 E314 W48 2008

PN 6122 L4 1992

HD 1696 C22 W38 1988

FC 626 T78 G99

QC 981.8 G56 G72 1997

SD 538.3 C2 D7 1992

RA 788 B43 1993

RC 607 A26 L47 1992

CT 120 M35 1968

PN 6120.95 S4 G73 1999

PN 1991.65 A83 1985

QE 79 M28 1981

PS 8553 L318 B5 1993

VA 400.5 O74 H39 2002

PS 3551 U77 T56 2000

QL 737 C4 C28 1995

FC 3070 L6 P68 1993

FC 3817.3 W448 1991

PS 8553 A7633 A88 1999

TL 540 W66 A3 2002

QP 363.3 D65 2007