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Where should I publish?

Strategies to find a journal to publish in:

- Look at your favorite database and see what journals are indexed in it.

- Do a search for an article on a similar topic in Google Scholar and see which journals the results are found in.

- Looking to publish Open Access? Check out Canadian peer reviewed open access journals here:   Or, the worldwide open access journal list here:

- Ask your librarian to narrow down a list of potential journals for you.

Predatory Publishing

Predatory publishing is opportunistic publishers who exploit the need to publish but fail to meet scholarly publishing standards. Predatory publishing does NOT mean Open Access, these are separate terms.

  • is a useful site that offers tips to avoid publishing in predatory journals.
  • Predatory publishers often email on mass requesting submission to their journals. They often have journals with similar titles to well known journals in your field.
  • Take the time to look at the journal homepage and some of the articles coming from the journal you are considering. Do the publications seem like sound research? what kind of peer review process do they have?  Are there grammatical errors that an editor would have caught? Do well known scholars in your field publish in this journal? Have you read articles from this journal before?
  • Predatory journals often charge an article processing fee, as do legitimate open access publishers, however predatory journals fail to meet scholarly publishing standards such as peer review, long term preservation, and are often for profit entities. Take a look at the parent company / publisher of a journal, and read reviews online.
  • Other useful considerations include, where are articles for this journal indexed? are they listed in COPE or DOAJ?  is there long term preservation? do they mint DOIs?
  • If you are unsure- ask your librarian ,  we can evaluate journals for you.

Research Impact and Metrics

CBU research

OpenAlex: OpenAlex is a fully open catalogue where research from entities is discoverable.