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Research Data Management

Data Management Policies

Tri Agencies Research Data Management Policy : In 2021 the Tri Agencies published their Data Management Policy, which outlines the requirements for institutions and researchers. The agencies believe that research data collected through the use of public funds should be responsibly and securely managed and be, where ethical, legal and commercial obligations allow, available for reuse by others.

CBU Institutional Strategy - Coming soon

Data Management Basics

Make A Plan

  •  Data Management Plans outline how your research data will be managed, and are a best practice when it comes to managing data well.  DMPs can save time, enhance research quality, enable the reuse of research data and comply with funder mandates.
  • The DMP Assistant: An online, bilingual tool for preparing data management plans. The tool follows best practices in data stewardship and walks researchers step-by-step through key questions about data management.
  • If you need help with creating a DMP, contact your librarian.

Store your data

Share your data

Data Management Tools and Training

Portage Network: Training Resources  a network of Canadian data management experts have created tools, training, quick guides and more.