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Library Policies

Fines for Overdue Items

CBU Library no longer has fines for general collection loans! NOTE: This does not apply to other items, such as Reserve items, DVDs, or other special collections.

Items that have fines associated are below:

Item Type Fine Rate Maximum Fine
Books, Recalled $1.00 / Day $20.00
Reserves $1.00 / Hour $20.00
Study/Seminar Rooms, Hourly $1.00 / Hour $200.00
Laptops $10.00 / Hour $200.00


Note: It is possible for overdue, recalled books to accrue up to a maximum of $40.00 / item (up to $20.00 from overdue plus up to $20.00 from recall) in fines.

At any time, you may check to see if you have any overdue items or fines by logging into your library account. 

Student privileges are suspended when fines reach $20.00 or more

Students who do not return all Novanet Library books will have marks and transcripts withheld until the patron record is cleared of all overdue books and unpaid library fines.

Please note: CBU Library Staff are not authorized to waive or clear fines partially or in full. For questions about fines please contact the Senior Library Technician, Overdues and Circulation, Karen Tobin at 902-563-1997, or at

Effect of Violation of Policies

In the event that any policy is found to be violated, a warning will be issued. If either the initial violation is of a serious nature or if the patron continues to violate policy, specific privileges may be revoked (such as Study Room use). Further violations will result in complete suspension of Library privileges.

Students found in violation of Library policies may also be brought before the Student Ethics Committee. The Library will abide by the decisions of the Committee.

Fee for Damaged Items

Patrons will be charged for Library material returned damaged. Repair or replacement charges will be assessed by the librarian responsible for the subject area of the damaged item.

Fee for Lost Items

If a book is not returned before it is 60 days overdue, the borrower will be assessed a charge which includes the cost of the book, a processing fee, and any late charges owing on the book.

If the book is found within 30 days and returned after payment of the misplaced book, the cost of the book will be refunded to the borrower but not the processing charge or the fines incurred.

The cost of the book is the price as listed in a current source, including shipping and taxes, converted to Canadian dollars. If a listing cannot be found, the cost of the book is normally assessed at $100.00 plus a processing fee of $20.00. The Novanet default book price is $200.00 plus a processing fee of $20.00.

If the borrower is able to locate a suitable replacement copy of the lost book, only the late charges owing on the book and a processing fee of $20.00 will be charged.