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Library Policies

Library Mission Statement

CBU Library is an innovative information resource center that supports and enhances the academic mission of Cape Breton University. The library offers excellent instruction and information resources to its users through the selected databases, online journals, newspapers, and books in print and electronic format that are purchased, or access provided to on campus, electronically, and through Interlibrary Loan. We strive to provide excellent support and services for the use of our resources through research assistance, be it in person at the library or through electronic means at a distance (LiveHelp, LibAnswers), and through information literacy instruction at the library or in the classroom. The library provides a welcoming atmosphere with our physical space that allows for both quiet study and reflection, as well as group study areas, where conversation and debate is encouraged.

Code of Conduct

Disruptive behaviour is not respectful and is therefore not tolerated in CBU Library. Disruptive behaviour includes excessive noise; verbal and physical abuse; intimidation and/or harassment; intentional theft or mutilation of any library material; improper or unauthorized use of CBU’s equipment; and vandalism of Library infrastructure. The second floor of the Library is designated a “Quiet Study Area”.  Conversations in a quiet study area should be brief and quiet.  Anyone who violates this code of conduct will receive a verbal warning and/or borrowing privileges may be suspended depending on the seriousness of the violation. Those responsible for damage to Library property will be required to pay the Library for damages. The Dean of the Library (or his/her designate) will be present at any appeal of an alleged violation of this code of conduct.

Food and Drink

CBU Library strives to maintain a comfortable atmosphere and  protect its collections and resources, therefore, food is not permitted. Only drinks in covered beverage containers are permitted.

Personal Property and “Lost & Found” Policies

CBU Library is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property. Found items can be turned in to “Lost & Found” at the Circulation Desk. When ownership of the item can be determined, staff will attempt to contact the owner. Whether the owner can be identified or not, items will be kept for 14 days. Items in “Lost & Found” more than 14 days will be disposed of at the Library’s discretion.

Group Rooms

Group rooms for group work are currently available for booking by CBU students. Rooms can be booked for specified time periods and must be booked in advance using our Book Spaces and Equipment system.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are available for checkout by CBU students, faculty and staff. The rooms can be booked for specified time periods and must be booked in advance using our Book Spaces and Equipment system.