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Education (Diplomas)

Educational Technology
Library Resources

Use this mini-guide along with the Education Subject Guide for the most comprehensive access to the Library's Education resources.

Use dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks to define terms; provide insights into concepts and theories; discover the vocabulary around your topic; and more. This list is not comprehensive.

A selective list of titles. Use Novanet and e-book collections such as EBSCO's Academic e-Books to locate other helpful books and e-books.


Novanet is your principle resource for locating books, e-books, and other publications.  There are many approaches you can take when searching - you can search by keywords, authors, titles, or subject headings. Subject headings relevant to educational technology include:

  • computer assisted instruction
  • education - computers & technology
  • education - effect of technological innovations on
  • educational technology
  • instructional systems - design
  • internet in education
  • media literacy
  • mass media in education
  • teaching - computer network resources
  • web-based instruction
  • XXXXXXXX - study and teaching (secondary)
  • XXXXXXXX - web-based instruction
  • .....this list is not comprehensive