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Political Science

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J ► General Legislative and Executive Papers

JA ► Political Science (General)

JC ► Political Theory

JF ► Political Institutions and Public Adminstration (General)

JL ► Political Institutions and Public Administration (Canada)

JL 220 - JL 229 ►Nova Scotia

JS ► Local Government. Municipal Government

JS 1785 - 1785.9 ►Sydney

JZ ►International Relations

JZ 351-361► Canada

Interesting Topics

JC 314 ►Political messianism

JC 478 ► Corporate state

JC 598 ► Freedom of information

JF 529 ► Lobbying

JZ 1307 ► Political realism. Realist theory

JZ 3877 ► International Relations: Outer space, the moon and other celestial bodies.

CBUL Reference Collection

 JA 61 E53 1992 ► Encyclopedia of government and politics

HX 86 E58 1990 ► Encyclopedia of the American left 

JF 2011 W67 1999, 3 volumes ► World encyclopedia of political systems and parties 

JA 61 R63 2002  ► Dictionary of modern politics

JA 61 S37 2007 ► Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought  

JZ 1160 N65 2002, 4 volumes ► Greenwood encyclopedia of international relations  

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