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What are periodicals?

Periodicals are continuing publications such as journals, magazines, or newspapers.  They are published regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually). 

Consult the E-Journals list to determine if the library owns a particular periodical, available dates, and location (database or print). You can search by complete or partial title.

Your professor may expect you to use scholarly or academic journals.  Scholarly articles are important to research; why are they valued?

  1. authoritative
  2. scrutinized and reviewed prior to publication
  3. place where new research is revealed
  4. published more frequently than books
  5. direct you to more information (check the bibliographies)
  6. sources for illustrative examples to support research

Look for these features within the scholarly article:

  1. author's affiliation (university where research took place)
  2. an abstract or summary
  3. bibliography and footnotes
  4. often, an introduction, methodology, discussion and conclusion