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Special Collections

A guide to the Library's various Special Collections.

The Dr. Thomas J. Khattar Collection - Photo Gallery

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The Khattar Room at the CBU Library

Dr. Khattar's Bookplate

A Selection of Books

The Gentleman's Magazine Collection 1731-1868

Copies of the Dominion Illustrated 1888-1889

The League of Arab States

Saint Sharbel

Various Paintings and Images of Cocks and Cockfighting

Cockfighting Ordinance 1754

Cock Art in Various Forms

Rare Cock Gaffes

"Man's First Cockfight"

Various Poultry Engravings

Collection of Poultry Stamps

2 Cent Stamp Collection

Louisbourg Harbour

Map of Louisbourg 1731

Book on Louisbourg, 1940

War in Louisbourg

New England Forces in Louisbourg 1745

The Ruins of Palmyra

The Ruins of Palmyra Hand-Drawn Map

The Ruins of Palmyra

Roman and Greek Coins and Casts, Univ. of Glasgow

Pictures of Ancient Greek Coins

The Ruins of Balbec, 1757

The Ruins of Balbec, 1757

The Ruins of Balbec, 1757

Notre Dame de Liban

Jacques Beningne Bassuet, 1773

Memorials Map Exhibit of Acadie Territory Before Deportation

"Acadia" Map, 1734

"Acadia" 1734

La Deportation des Acadiens, 1918

Land of Evangeline, 1935


Memorials, St. Lucia

Memorials, Limits