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Data and Mapping

This guide highlights key sources of online provincial, national, and international demographic statistics, economic indicators, social indicators, as well as housing, education, and industry data. Includes information on online mapping tools.

Health System Performance and Population Health: Canada.


There are surveys that provide insight into nutrition-related issues in Canada. Data from these surveys can be accessed. Contact Laura Syms for more information.

These surveys include:
National Population Health Survey, conducted by Statistics Canada
Canadian Community Health Survey conducted by Statistics Canada
Canadian Health Measures Survey conducted by Statistics Canada
Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study - a World Health Organization Cross-National Study

Nova Scotia's Vital Statistics and Health Info

Nova Scotia Health Atlas is a web-based mapping tool that illustrates differences in measures of health status, health service use, and the social determinants of health across small geographic areas of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia's Vital Statistics site includes information collected from the registration of births, marriages, deaths and stillbirths in Nova Scotia. Here are links to other Canadian vital statistics offices .   Cancer Care Nova Scotia is also a good source for data on epidemiology, rates etc.

Statistics Canada - Health

Statistics Canada's website features a section on  Canadian health. It includes  statistics, publications and health profiles for all health regions in the country. The health statistics section includes, "information on the health of the population, determinants of health" etc. CANSIM [Health] includes more than 500 tables on population health , lifestyle and environmental factors affecting health, access to and use of health care services, and research.

CBU Library can also give its community free access to Statistics Canada's health surveys through it's DLI license.    For more information on the DLI, contact

Global Health Indicators

Find out about your future health - Health Calculators

You can calculate your own risk of hospitalization and life expectancy through a short questionnaire created by Ontario researchers.