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Data and Mapping

This guide highlights key sources of online provincial, national, and international demographic statistics, economic indicators, social indicators, as well as housing, education, and industry data. Includes information on online mapping tools.

CANSIM - easy access to StatsCan data

CANSIM: More than 25 million socio-economic time series updated daily, a major access point for Canadian economic, industrial and business information. 

Web Data Server

The DLI Web Data Server (WDS) is an online multidimensional table viewer which is used to access the aggregate data in the DLI Collection. The WDS also includes older products: e.g., Inter-Corporate Ownership, Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business. 

Canadian Economic and Industrial Data Sources

Industry Canada offers in-depth industry-specific analysis, statistics, financing and regulatory information for Canadian business.

Canadian Industry Statistics presents and analyses industry data on the number of establishments, gross domestic product and labour productivity for industry sectors belonging to the Canadian Economy using a few of the latest annual data sources from Statistics Canada

The Bank of Canada site includes research and statistics on exchange rates, price indexes and more. 


Canadian Crime Statistics