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The Bernier LGBT Collection: Peter Bernier

Rainbow Link

The Bernier LGBT Collection was formally created in 2013, and the CBU Library has been receiving donations from Peter Bernier since at least 2006. The CBU Library owes a debt of gratitude to Peter for his continuing contributions, which have been provided through his organization, Rainbow Link.  All materials donated by Peter were chosen by the library from a list of available items.

Rainbow Link donates LGBT related books, periodicals and other materials to libraries and LGBT organizations to help raise awareness and study of LGBT related issues. If you are interested in making a contribution to the organization, or simply wish to peruse the monthly list of potential donations, visit Rainbow Link's website.

Peter Bernier

Peter Bernier
The picture was taken on June 2, 2017 in Toronto.


PR 6063 A55 Q8 2005

HQ 75.6 U5 S58 1993

HQ 76.25 M55 2012

HQ 76.8 U5 E47 2006

HQ 77.9 B67 1995

HQ 75.6 C9 L85 1996 

HQ 75.5 T49 1994

HQ 76.8 U5 G358 1997 

HQ 76.2 U5 G66 1989


HQ 75.6 U5 W64 1980

HQ 76 Y68 1995

HQ 75.12 P37 B47 1999

HQ 76.8 U5 D45 1998

HQ 76.25 G38 1989


A Dog's Ransom

Sample Titles Donated by Peter

To read the books that you found from the display below, please visit Novanet!