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Indigenous People’s Psychology

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Searching Tips and Resources


A few keywords that can be useful for your searches are:

Indigenous Aboriginal "First Nation" Inuit Métis
"Aboriginals of North America" Native Indian Name of Nation or Community (e.g. Potlotek) Indigenous place names (e.g. Mi'kma'ki)


"Two-Eyed Seeing" "L'nu Healing"
"Traditional Indigenous Healing" "Women's Ceremonies"
"Eurocentric Healing" "Traditional Knowledge"
  • Use quotation marks when searching phrases (e.g. "Traditional Knowledge")
  • Use a question mark to search for words with the same stem (e.g. Methods? retrieves Method, Methods, Methodology, Methological, etc.)
  • While using the CBU library and other search engines, the dominant structure for organizing information is from a western perspective. For this reason you may need to use outdated (sometimes offensive) terminology to find resources; do not hesitate to contact me for assistance navigating this.