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Scholarly? Peer-reviewed?

Have you heard your professor use the terms "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" sources before?

These terms describe research articles that have been critically examined by other scholars in the same field.

To limit your search to only scholarly articles you can select the  "scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals" option in the database. If you're still not sure if the article is peer-reviewed, visit the journal's website. 

Hip Hop

Other Periodicals (e.g., Magazines)

Use the databases and journals listed below to find scholarly and non-scholarly articles. 

Note: There are over 100 CBU article databases. Try searching for your topic in other areas of study, such as health, education, history, psychology, tourism,etc.  Browse the full list of databases or sort databases by subject. Example: Databases A-Z > Education. 


Top Databases

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