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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Academic Integrity - Understand It

If you don’t understand rules of quotation, citation etc., it is possible to plagiarize someone else’s work without knowing that you are doing it.

  • Using a direct quote without acknowledgment is plagiarism.
  • Using someone else's ideas without acknowledging those ideas is also plagiarism. 

You now have access to "Introduction to Academic Integrity", an online course about academic integrity, plagiarism, and citations. You enrol in Moodle.

If you are still unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, visit Plagiarism 101. It is a great guide!

APA Citation for CBU Business Resources

In Person and Online Help with Writing

  • CBU's Writing Centre [second floor of CBU Library] can help with the writing process.
  • The Writing Centre has a lot of online resources that may be helpful. They can be found here
  • Purdue University's OWL is an excellent web resource that may help you with the research and writing process.