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The Bernier LGBT Collection: Home

The Bernier LGBT Collection

The Bernier LGBT Collection has been created to increase the visibility and study of materials relating to lesbian, gay, bi- and trans- cultures and communities. Made possible in large part by the generous donations of Peter Bernier, a CBU alumni, the collection consists of several hundred items and continues to grow as new items are acquired.

The collection consists principally of academic works on LGBTQA issues and culture, as well as literature dealing with LGBTQA subject matter or written by openly LGBTQA authors. However, the collection spans multiple subjects and disciplines and features a range of formats as diverse as poetry, photography, erotica, anthologies, periodicals and more.

CBU faculty and community members are invited to recommend subject areas or specific acquisitions. To make such a request, contact Yayo Umetsubo (

The collection is not currently housed in a single space, but is interspersed throughout the general collection and can be found either through the library catalogue or in the shelves. All items are capable of being loaned by patrons as with other items in the general collection.

To find more CBU holdings on LGBTQA issues, Search in Novanet or consider browsing the subject headings below:

  • Homosexuality
  • Bisexuality
  • Transexualism
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Transgender
  • Queer Theory
  • Gay and Lesbian Studies
  • Gay Rights
  • Homosexuality and Education
  • Gay Fiction
  • Lesbian Fiction
  • Erotic Stories

Many titles can be browsed in LibraryThing as well; however, patrons are encouraged to verify the availability of individual items in the Novanet catalogue.

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PR 6063 A55 Q8 2005

HQ 75.6 U5 S58 1993

HQ 76.25 M55 2012

HQ 76.8 U5 E47 2006

HQ 77.9 B67 1995

HQ 75.6 C9 L85 1996 

HQ 75.5 T49 1994

HQ 76.8 U5 G358 1997 

HQ 76.2 U5 G66 1989


HQ 75.6 U5 W64 1980

HQ 76 Y68 1995

HQ 75.12 P37 B47 1999

HQ 76.8 U5 D45 1998

HQ 76.25 G38 1989