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CBU Library supports teaching in the classroom, library and online.


Access Copyright's Title Search Permissions Tool: allows you to check if the title you are interested in copying is covered under our Access Copyright License. 

Fair Dealing: The Canadian Copyright Act allows the use of material from a copyright protected work (literature, musical scores, audiovisual works, etc.) without permission when certain conditions are met. People can use fair dealing for  research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review, and news reporting.

Open Access: visit this site to find out more about open access publications, open education resources and more.

Course Reserves

What Can Be Placed on Reserve:

  • Library Books
  • Photocopies of single articles form periodicals
  • Photocopies of single chapters from books
  • Personal copies of books or periodicals
  • Videocassettes and DVDs
  • Solutions to problems
  • Solutions to tests
  • Lecture notes and/or overheads

Material placed on Reserve must adhere to the copyright guidelines set by the Canadian Copyright Act.

Submit your reserves request forms (see below) to the Circulation Desk.

Items are placed on reserve for one term and will be kept on reserve for a second term when requested in writing.

In order to meet demand, 2 weeks notice is requested for processing reserve material.

Reserve Request forms in PDF format:

Faculty are asked to update their list each term, identifying items to remain on reserve and items to be removed.

Information Literacy

Librarians are available for in class sessions to equip your students for research. Sessions are located in L-150, the library instruction room. From general library introduction to in depth database searching, finding and using data, and reference software demonstrations. Contact your liaison librarian to book an instructional session.

Upcoming Sessions