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Event, Hospitality, and Tourism Management: MARKET RESEARCH

Explorer Quotient Profiles - Nice!!

Destination Canada, formerly the Canadian Tourism Commission, makes its market segmentation tool Explorer Quotient available to the industry. Using EQ, the Canadian tourism industry creates social-values based profiles that go beyond traditional market research.

Travel & Tourism Reports - Canadian Reports

Destination Canada includes reports on major tourism markets for Canada; demand for travel products; plus dataNova Scotia Tourism Agency includes links to research on tourism trends in Nova Scotia. 

Travel & Tourism - International Reports

The World Economic Forum publishes the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report.[TTCR].  It includes country profiles, data tables, and analysis of issues in sector competitiveness.  The index is a measurement of the factors that make it attractive to develop business in the travel and tourism industry of individual countries, and NOT a measure of a country attractiveness as a tourist destination

TTCR tables from the 2015 report, plus check a visualization of the 2015 data with downloadable data on ChartsBin

Other great reports on the global tourism scene include: