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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Leisure Tourism holds research and practitioner literature on the strategic development of leisure; recreation; sport; tourism; and hospitality activities; facilities; products and services. Links to books, chapters, and articles accessed through CBU are at the bottom of the record. 

Lexis Nexis Academic- Great for Industry and Country News

Articles and Reports

If you want to find journal or magazine articles on a specific topic, the following electronic resources will be useful:

All of these resources have help screens or tutorials. For improved searching, consider keywords that describe your topic before you search.

Core Hospitality and Tourism Journals Held By CBU

Ebook Access

It isn't necessary to be at CBU to get access to a large collection of books.  Here are links to many of the ebooks CBU users can access:

EBSCO Academic ebooks -  Not used to using it?  Here's help

ProQuest Ebook Central  -  And, here are online tutorialsBecause of the terms of use for this collection, make sure you really want to read it before checking the book out.