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Business Research: Demographics

A guide to CBU Library's Business Resources. Access the MBA Research Guide at:

Government of Canada- Statistics

Below are access points to Statistics Canada's  and other government departments data offered on their sites or through CBU's DLI license. For further information on accessing data contact Laura Syms.  When formatting your papers use "How to Cite Statistics Canada Products".

SiteWise - Canadian population characteristics

SiteWise easily provides demographic profile reports for Canadian standard geographic or mapped study areas.Data includes most current census, estimates and projections, consumer spending, business profiles etc. Introductory video here

2016 Canada Census

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Other Sources for Canadian Demographics

2016 Census Data Viewer

The Census Program Data Viewer (CPDV) is a new, web-based data visualization tool that will make statistical information more interpretable by presenting key indicators in a statistical dashboard. Find the places in Canada you are interested in;  see them on a map, and get basic geographic and sociodemographic data for those places. Easy and Nice!

Great Sources of Data

Analyze StatsCan Surveys

The DLI Web Data Server (WDS) is an online multidimensional table viewer used to access aggregate data from StatsCanada.   Checkout this user guide for DLI WDS.