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The Re(Searching) Process: Home

This guide was created to help high school students, new CBU students, and community members with searching for resources (with open access and open education), evaluating various resources, and building citation skills (using MLA).

Open Access CBU Books

What is Open Access and Open Education Resources?

Open Access is making research publications (e.g. Books, journals, articles, reviews, etc.)  freely available to all. Open Education is learning materials that others can use, change and enhance because the creators of the materials have given others permission to do so. Open education resources (OER) can include presentation slides, lesson plans, lecture videos, textbooks, worksheets, podcasts, etc. 

Recommended Open Access Databases

Primary Sources

Primary Sources include resources that give first-hand evidence, experiences and raw information. A primary source can be a literary work, art work, maps, statistical data, transcripts, etc. 

Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources provides second hand-knowledge and commentary from other researchers. A secondary source can be a scholarly article, reviews, academic books, etc.

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