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What is Borealis?

Scholars Portal Borealis is a Canadian hosted data repository, for storing, sharing, publishing and discovering research data. Borealis also offers visualization tools and persistent identifiers (DOI's)  to increase the impact of your research.

How to Deposit Data

1. Create an account

Go to Scholar's Portal Dataverse - Login

Select 'Sign Up' under 'Institution not listed'. You can create an account using your CBU email address here.

2. Add or Edit Data

     Login to the CBU dataverse

Select 'Add Data'. This will ask if you would like to create a new dataverse, or a new dataset. If you have a project, with multiple datasets that you would like to have as it's own 'dataverse' you can create a 'New dataverse'. If you would like to upload individual datasets into our CBU general repository, select 'New dataset'.

Select a dataset template based on the desired creative commons license, by default this is CCO.

Fill in the required metadata fields. (after you complete your save, there are more options to add metadata fields)

Make sure the metadata describes the data, and makes it easier to find by including things like keywords and related publications.

Upload data files at the bottom of the page, below the citation metadata. You can drag and drop files in or select files to add. Max file size is 2Gb. If they are too large you can try Zipping them, or use FRDR database as your repository.  Describe the data well using title, description and tags.

     Save Changes

Clicking the save changes button wil save the dataset in a Draft form. It is not published or publically visible until you choose to publish it.  A DOI is assigned once the dataset is published. You can also assign a private URL to the dataset in order to share with journal reviewers without publishing the dataset.

     Editing your Dataset

You can edit your dataset using the Files, Metadata and Terms tabs at the bottom of the page.






3. Publishing your Dataset

Depending on your permissions you will either have 'Submit for Review' where the dataset is reviewed by the dataverse admin, or a 'Publish' button which will make the dataset publicly available immediately.

Any changes you make to files, metadata or terms after publishing will be saved as a draft version, and you will need to publish again, giving the data a new version that supersedes the old.

Questions ? Need Help?

Contact: Jasmine Hoover