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Education: Curriculum Resources

for students and faculty

ERIC link

Limit your results to ERIC's Teacher Classroom Guides which are "Materials intended as guides for the teacher e.g. curriculum guides, course outlines, units of study, statements of behavioral objectives.  May contain instructional materials, sample examinations, teaching tips, teaching techniques, "How to Teach" materials."  In the ERIC database:

  1. Select Indexes (top, green margin)
  2. At "Browse and Index", click drop down triangle
  3. Scroll to and select "Publication Type"
  4. Click: Browse
  5. Scroll to and select: "guides-classroom-teacher"
  6. Scroll up and click: Add
  7. Click: Search (large yellow button)

Our example search continues to locate teacher guides relevant to reading comprehension:

  1. Select: Thesaurus (next to Index in top, green margin)
  2. At Browsing: ERIC -- Thesaurus type in: reading comprehension
  3. Click: Browse
  4. Check box next to: Reading Comprehension
  5. Click: Add
  6. Click: Search (large yellow button)  

Combine your Teacher Guides results with your "reading comprehension" results:

  1. Click: Search History (just below the search boxes)
  2. Check: boxes appearing next to your search terms (they'll be labled with S#s)
  3. Click: Search with AND  (this will give you results sharing both search sets)

Use filters located on the left, to limit your results to the documents you want to view (Source Types).
NOTE re: Books
ERIC usually does not provide the full text of books.  Search book titles in Novanet to determine availability.