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Open Educational Resources (OER): Grants for Open Education Resources at CBU

CBU Open Education Resource Development Grants

The OER working group, on behalf of the CTL is happy to announce a special grant program for CBU employees to develop open educational resources (OER). This program is designed to encourage and support educators from CBU in the adaptation, adoption, creation and curation of open educational resources, and to increase access to open course material for students. 

$5,000: Up to $5,000 for the development of an open textbook on a topic that is currently not covered by an existing open textbook.

$2,500: Up to $2,500 to adapt an existing open textbook(s) to create a new version or edition, or to increase local content within an existing open textbook.

$1,000:  Up to $1,000 for the creation of ancillary materials to support existing open textbooks, e.g. test banks, slide decks, or interactive media.


Any individual who is employed at CBU, who assigns readings within a credit course at CBU. This award can be applied to individually or as a group. Contract employees are eligible, but at least one member of the application must have a contract extending until the anticipated completion date of the project.


  • Final product must be released with a Creative Commons license
  • A commitment to use the product in class/es at CBU
  • Ability to meet timeline outlined in the application

*Traditional knowledge projects may not need to adhere to the Creative Commons license requirement.

Evaluation Criteria  

Grant applications will be evaluated by CBU's OER working group based on the criteria below: 

  • Impact: How much impact this OER will have at CBU (i.e. number of students affected, cost of traditional textbook being replaced, etc)
  • Openness: A commitment to making the OER  openly accessible via Creative Commons license.
  • Platform: CAUL Pressbooks is our platform of choice, however reasonable platforms for an OER are considered
  • Feasibility: Can the project that can be completed within the timeline (ideally 8-12 months)
  • Reuse: Inclusion of plans to re-use the resource in subsequent semesters
  • Value: All projects require a budget, projects that can deliver significant impact at a lower cost will be prioritized to maximize the impact of this grant program.
  • Need: Proposed project in areas where there are few/no existing OERs will receive priority. 

What can grants be used for?  

  • Hiring students to copy edit, format, etc within content platforms such as Pressbooks
  • Creation of high quality media (e.g. imagery or videos) for use in the OER
  • Purchasing rights to images or other material for use in the OER

Ineligible expenses include: Travel, office supplies, equipment, publishing fees and faculty/staff salaries.


Deadline for submissions is Oct 18, 2021

 Ready to apply?

Application to Create or Adapt an OER


Questions can be sent to