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Resource Management at CBU Library

Guide for transparent and continual development and management of our library resources.

Selection and Cancellation Criteria

General Selection Criteria

  • Subject matter covered is relevant to CBU curriculum and research.
  •  Producer is reputable, and authoritative.
  •  Information is current, accurate and complete.
  •  Information is unique.
  •  Preference for electronic format for greater accessibility.
  • Cost effectiveness of the resource, and the ability to sustain costs in the future.

To suggest an addition to our collection, please email your request to your Liaison Librarian.

Cancelation Criteria

Due to the high cost of electronic resources and subscriptions, the library is charged with making cost-effective purchasing decisions based on expertise, usage and cost data, faculty feedback and institutional needs. Cancelations will be determined based on one or more of these factors:

  • Usage is consistently low over a significant time period.
  • Resource is not cost-effective or no longer affordable.
  • Content is not relevant for CBU curriculum and research.
  • Better or more competitive product is available or another  vendor can offer a superior product.
  • Poor vendor service.
  • Duplication in content from other databases or sources.
  • Problematic licensing terms (e.g. no off campus use, individual logins).
  • Faculty feedback.