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Academic Integrity Guide for Students

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is honest and responsible scholarship and research. Maintaining academic integrity involves:

  • Creating and using your own ideas in course work
  • Acknowledging all sources of information
  • Doing assignments by yourself or acknowledging collaboration
  • Accurately reporting research and/or lab results
  • Honesty during examinations

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Academic integrity: illustrated

CBU Statement on Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Statement

The Cape Breton University community embraces academic integrity as an essential guiding principle in research and scholarship.

Key areas of academic integrity at Cape Breton University are:

  • Giving proper credit to the work of another person in all my assignments.
  • Not falsifying or copying findings/research.
  • Not using any unauthorized external assistance, including unauthorized electronic devices and/or notes, during exams and tests. 
  • Either doing assignments independently or acknowledging collaboration when appropriate. 
  • Not submitting the work of another. 
  • Not submitting my own work from another class unless authorized to do so.
  • Not helping another violate Cape Breton University’s academic integrity policy.

If you not sure what constitutes a violation of Cape Breton University’s academic integrity policy, you can seek guidance from your professor/instructor, CBU’s librarians, and/or CBU’s Writing Centre. 

What does academic integrity mean to you?

Academic integrity is a vital part of a university education.

Learning how to express original ideas; cite sources; work independently; and report results accurately and honestly are skills that will also serve you in the workforce.

Academic dishonesty not only cheats you of valuable learning experiences, but can result in failing grades or even expulsion from university.

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