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Education: Curriculum Resources

for students and faculty

Books and e-Books

NovanetNovanet is the discovery tool used by the CBU Library; all other Nova Scotian university and college libraries; and Mount Allison University.  Search Novanet to locate books, e-books, articles, government documents, and more. 

Locating curriculum-related books and e-books in Novanet.

Image links to Novanet

Subject Search: Method One

Discoveries, such as Novanet, can return an overwhelming number of results.  Use subject headings to focus your book search results.  A recommended strategy for searching Novanet:

  1. Start with a keyword search, using words/phrases that describe your topic
  2. Limit your search to "Books" (under Resource Type)
  3. Browse the results; choose 2 or 3 that are relevant
  4. Click the title to view the Subject field; you can either click a subject to begin a new search or make note of subjects
    - and -
  5. Redo your search using those terms

Subject Search: Method Two


Use the "Subject contains" index to locate "curriculum type" books and e-books.  Add a second search term (ex. mathematics, reading, science, etc.) to focus your results.  Sample subject headings include:

  • audio visual aids
  • lesson planning
  • study and teaching
  • study and teaching (primary)
  • study and teaching (elementary)
  • study and teaching (middle school)
  • study and teaching (secondary)
  • teaching methods & materials
  • .... this list is not comprehensive

Limiting Search Results to e-Books

Search Novanet and apply filters (in no particular order):

  1. Format type: Books
  2. Availability: Full Text Online
  3. Library: Cape Breton University
  4. Creation Date (publication date)