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ICEAPNS: Library Glossary & Tips

Your Guide to Cape Breton University Library

Important Library Words


Pronunciations available at, a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciations. 

The name of the person who wrote the book or article.

Library materials are loaned to students. This is the same as check out.

Call number      
The letters and numbers written on the spine of each book that tells where the book is located on the shelves.

A list of all the books in the library.

Circulation Desk  
The area of the library where students can check out and return library materials.

All the books, videos, dvds, journals, and other resources that the library owns.

Due date         
The day on which library materials must be returned to the library.

A publication that reports on things of special interest to a particular group of people;
an academic/scholarly journal.
A person who works in the library. Their job is to help students with library research.

A collection of books, videos, dvds, journals, and other things that may be used by everyone to improve their learning. Also, the building that houses the resources. 

Look up         
To search for materials in a book or on a computer.

A publication that contains essays, stories, pictures, advertisement, etc. and is usually published every week or month. (Examples include Time and Discover).

Library materials kept by a student past the due date.

A publication such as a journal that is issued on regular dates such as one a week or once a month.

Reference collection      
A group of books which can be used only inside the library. 

Reference question      
Any question you ask the librarian about how to do library research, or how to find something in the library.

Scholarly (Academic)
Concerned with formal study or research. Research conducted by experts.

Holds the collection of books and other resources.  Each shelf has a sign noting the range of call numbers located on the shelf.

The name of a book or article.

The internet addess (universal resource locater).



When you're done with your borrowed books, return them to the library's Circulation Desk.  If the library is closed, use the book chute located near the main door.


Do not reshelve books.


Are you printing? Purchase a guest print card from at card dispenser located in the library's atrium.  

Cost: $5.00 (initial cost of card is $3.00 with $2.00 available for printing).  Use the same dispenser to add money to your guest print card.
Staff are available to assist you.


While reading books and periodicals, use post-it notes to mark important pages and make notes. Post-it notes are available for purchase at the CBU Bookstore and department stores.