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Public Health (Health Studies): PUBH3105 (Public Health Ethics)

Resources for students and faculty

Ethics in Public Health

Information Handouts

APA (OWL - Purdue University)

Refer to OWL when you have questions about citing your resources.  OWL also provides insights into the writing process, grammar, and much more!

Supporting Resources

Communication and Presentation Resources

Public Health practitioners will be called upon to speak and present information to varied audiences - sometimes without notice.  Enhance your skills by referring to relevant books and reading articles published in discipline-specific journals and magazines. 

Hint:  Locate other books by searching Novanet using subject headings such as:

  • communication in medicine
  • communication of technical information
  • public speaking

Selected Titles

Search Novanet, using keywords or subject headings, to locate books useful to your studies.

Examples of subject headings you can use to locate books include:

  • Environmental health
  • Foodborne diseases
  • Health risk communication
  • Public Health
  • Public Health Ethics
  • Public health -- Moral and Ethical aspects

Turning your Research Question into Search Terms

  1. Create a Research Statement
    This can be in the form of a question or a sentence.  Think about what you want to search and write it down in one sentence.
  2. Identify the Keywords
    Look at your research statement. What are the main words or concepts?  They will likely be nouns and can include phrases.  Highlight them.
  3. Think of Synonyms
    Look at the words/phrases you highlighted and think of synonyms or other phrases to describe those concepts. Scholarly articles often use words we don't use in ordinary life. You can consult a dictionary or a thesaurus for this purpose.
  4. Search the Databases 
    Pick two or three words/phrases from your list. Put each concept in it own search box.


This list details some of the journals available to you; it is not comprehensive. 

Search databases, such as Academic Search Ultimate, ABI/Inform, or Global Public Health to locate periodical articles See: Find Articles

Newspaper Databases

Newspapers provide insights into regional perceptions of news, current awareness, and public opinion.

Associations and Organizations