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12 Things You Want to Know about Resources: Zotero - Connecting Zotero to Novanet

This guide targets students in the areas of Arts and Social Sciences. All the pages will be updated to provide new features.

Setting up

When you find a book from Google Books, a publisher's website, or some other page (e.g., and save metadata, such as the author(s), title of the book, and publication year, in your Zotero, you can check whether the CBU Library has the book by clicking CBU Library – Novanet Catalogue Lookup.

The following instruction shows how to connect Zotero to Novanet:


Connect Zotero to Novanet - 1


Connect Zotero to Novanet - 2


Connect Zotero to Novanet - 3


Connect Zotero to Novanet - 4


Connect Zotero to Novanet - 5


Connect Zotero to Novanet - 6

Once you set up, you would not need to repeat the same process again.

Last Updated: October 19, 2016
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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