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12 Things You Want to Know about Resources: Library Search Engine (Novanet)

This guide targets students in the areas of Arts and Social Sciences. All the pages will be updated to provide new features.

What is NOVANET?

Novanet, the consortium of academic libraries in Nova Scotia, brings resources and services to the Nova Scotian academic community and beyond. Novanet is also "a web interface to the library catalogues of the Nova Scotia universities".

Using Novanet means that you are searching resources that the Novanet member libraries have or subscribe to. This allows you to discover more resources. When the CBU Library does not have a resource (e.g., a book or article), you can request it through the Interlibrary Loan (Document Deliver) Service.


  • provides various types of resources relating to a particular search regardless of format: books, journal articles, videos, and so forth.
  • is designed to provide you with something (not everything) and the results lead you to resources that the CBU Library and other Novanet libraries have purchased or subscribed to.
  • allows us to search across different databases whether they are directly relevant to your subject area or not.
  • search results are returned based on complex analyses of term frequency, term proximity, and are influenced by the fields the terms occur in (i.e., title, author, subject, etc).
  • search results can be refined by filters such as Availability, Resource Type (e.g., books, journals, etc.), Library, Author/Creator, Creation Date, Location, Subject,  Language, Journal Title, and Classification LCC.
  • is a great place to begin, but it cannot replace the power and richness of subject specific databases.

NOT try Novanet as an alternative to Google and Google Scholar,

BUT take full advantage of its strengths that Google, Google Scholar, and individual databases do not have.

Question? Ask your librarian!

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