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12 Things You Want to Know about Resources: NFB Films (Off-Campus)

This guide targets students in the areas of Arts and Social Sciences. All the pages will be updated to provide new features.

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

The NFB is Canada's public film producer and distributor.

"The NFB is recognized as one of the world’s great creative laboratories. As Canada’s public producer and distributor, it produces and distributes distinctive, relevant and innovative audiovisual productions" (Government of Canada, 2012).

1) How to View NFB films (Off-Campus)

2) Explore Films Marked CAMPUS

1) How to View NFB films (Off-Campus)

The Library provides access to NFB Campus videos.

1) Choose Cape Breton University at Welcome CONSORTIA - CAUL users (See the site below as well).

2) Create your account (free) with your CBU email address if you have not created your account:
Once you created your account, log in to the account. You can skip the first process above once you create your account.

Last Updated: January 6, 2016
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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2) Explore Films Marked CAMPUS

To explore campus-only films, follow the step below.

how to exlore campus-only NFB films

Last Updated: August 30, 2015
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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Troubleshoot playing videos

If you cannot watch the video, right click on a NFB video and choose Settings…

You may need to change the level of local storage. See the image below.

Adobe Flash Players Settings