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12 Things You Want to Know about Resources: Google Books

This guide targets students in the areas of Arts and Social Sciences. All the pages will be updated to provide new features.

1) How to Use Google Books

Google has been digitizing books in partnership with various university libraries, for example, the University of Michigan. Their holdings are searchable through Google Books.

Google Books is useful to track down specific quotes and pages.

1) Go to Google Books

2) Enter keywords (That's it!).

When you cannot read the book, but at least you know the name of the book, the author(s), the year of publication, etc. Come back to the Library's page to find it out. If the Library does not have it, you can use our Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan services.

Don't forget to evaluate the content. Check who wrote this and which publisher the book was issued.

Last Updated: September 27, 2015
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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2) About Different Views - Google Books

Books in Full View are available when they are in the public domain (based on the U.S. Copyright Law). Limited Preview means that you can see a limited number of pages from the book as a preview. This is an incredible tool to find books that are relevant to your research.

For the direct page, go to Google Books - Different Views

Last Updated: September 27, 2015
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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Google Books


Are you looking for primary resources?

Try HathiTrust Digital Library.

Books in the public domain are available in full text and can be downloaded.

-- A Common Question --

How does HathiTrust compare to Google Book Search?

"HathiTrust complements Google’s massive undertaking to digitize the world’s library collections. While both systems offer digitized books via the Internet, it is likely that HathiTrust will provide some content Google will not, such as digital collections unique to each institution, works from institutional repositories, and native born-digital materials. HathiTrust also provides a new platform for the expert curation and consistent access long associated with research libraries. The trust and reliance developed over decades in providing essential print collections will extend to HathiTrust as a valued source for scholarly materials."