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Mi'kmaq & Indigenous Studies: Reading Circle

This guide was created for students, faculty, administrative staff, and our community members.

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Nation2Nation Reading Circle @ CBU

Following the first semester of the Nation2Nation Speaker Series, we are thrilled that a great number of people from the university and wider community have attended the first three presentations. We are grateful for the opportunities to learn with and from Stephen Augustine, Charlene Bearhead, Janice Basque, and Albert Marshall. By our estimation, about 50-70 people have attended each event. Often our time together runs out before the questions and dialogue conclude; clearly there is a strong interest at CBU and beyond in co-learning for respectful relations amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living in Unama'ki.

There is no doubt that as faculty and staff at CBU we have a responsibility to learn about the rich histories, cultural wisdom, languages and ways of knowing of Mi'kmaq and other First Peoples; about our shared colonial histories and responsibilities as treaty partners; and about Unama'ki, the Indigenous Land on which we live. We hope that the Nation2Nation speaker series has inspired many of you to continue your co-learning journeys in other settings. One immediately accessible way to educate ourselves is to read Indigenous scholarship, and to include this rich and diverse scholarship in the classes we teach and in our research.

With all of this in mind, and with the university's commitment to Indigenization, we have decided to implement a Nation2Nation Reading Circle to compliment the speaker series. Beginning soon we will offer a space and forum to discuss readings by prominent Indigenous authors, including how the ideas influence our co-learning journeys and how they might influence our teaching, research and other work at CBU.

Stay tuned for more information! We hope you will join or continue attend our Nation2Nation initiatives. Until then, we hope you will find inspiration from the suggested reading list attached.

Dr. Stephen Augustine, Dr. Emily Root, and Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, on behalf of the Nation2Nation team.

December 4, 2015

MIKM 2701

MIKM2701 History and Treaties in Mi'kma'ki

MIKM 2701:Learning from Knowledge Keepers of Mi’kma’ki is Cape Breton University’s first free, online, open-access, share-with-the world Indigenous course. This course is free and open to the public, but it is also available as a CBU course credit.

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