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Mi'kmaq & Indigenous Studies: Videos & More

This guide was created for students, faculty, administrative staff, and our community members.

Recommended Watching/Listening

There are a number of podcasts and videos that you can find. This page introduces free and subscription-based videos, in addition to some of the CBU collection.

CBC Videos

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) offers video archives that include topics on Mi'kmaq. For example,

ABSOLUTELY NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR | Season 2014, Episode 6 | Sep 6, 2014 | 45:14


A celebration of Mi’kmaq culture in Atlantic Canada

Last Updated: September 6, 2015
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

"The NFB is recognized as one of the world’s great creative laboratories. As Canada’s public producer and distributor, it produces and distributes distinctive, relevant and innovative audiovisual productions" (Government of Canada, 2012).

The Library provides access to NFB Campus videos. Check the information on Off-Campus Access.

1) Mi'kmaq

Check videos for other First Peoples:

2) First Nations

3) Inuit

1) Mi'kmaq

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2) First Nations

Explore NFB sites to know more about First Nations.

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3) Inuit

Explore NFB sites to know more about Inuit.

For example,

Arctic Defenders, John Walker, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

The NFB has been documenting life in the Arctic. See below for the further information.

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MIKM 2701

MIKM2701 History and Treaties in Mi'kma'ki

MIKM 2701:Learning from Knowledge Keepers of Mi’kma’ki is Cape Breton University’s first free, online, open-access, share-with-the world Indigenous course. This course is free and open to the public, but it is also available as a CBU course credit.

Also check MIKM Classes (Videos).

Songs from Indian Residential School Legacy (CD)

Cape Breton University CD Collection (CD-1276)

Songs from Indian Residential School Legacy (CD)

Various Artists Songs From The Indian Residential School System - Country & Folk
1. Nukum 3:03
2. Memego 5:11
3. Home 3:15
4. Is Sorry Enough? 5:28
5. La Cloche De Batoche 3:46
6. Man Of God 4:16
7. For The People 4:05
8. The Boy Who Walked Backwards Through The Snow 3:21
9. We Are One 5:27
10. Please Bring Me Home 4:06
11. Perfect Crime 4:41
12. In The Walls And Halls Of His Mind 4:44
13. My Neighbourhood 4:11
14. Why 5:16
15. I Apologize 4:09

Recommended Links

Rita Joe

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