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Mi'kmaq & Indigenous Studies: Recommended Readings

This guide was created for students, faculty, administrative staff, and our community members.

Faculty's Publications - Department of Indigenous Studies

1) Stephen Augustine

2) Stephanie Inglis

Inglis, S. (2004). 400 years of linguistic contact between the Mi'kmaq and the English and the interchange of two world views The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 24(2), 389-402. Retrieved from

Inglis, . H. (2002). Speaker's experience: A study of Mi'kmaq modality (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from 

Inglis, . H. (1986). The fundamentals of Micmac word formation (Master's thesis). Retrieved from

Book edited by Stephanie Inglis

3) Tuma T.W. Young

Moore, C., Wien, F. C., & Young, T. (2007). A framework and action plan for the investigation and resolution of human rights complaints from Mi'kmaq and other aboriginal people in Nova Scotia : a report prepared for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. Retrieved from