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Mi'kmaq & Indigenous Studies: Books

This guide was created for students, faculty, administrative staff, and our community members.

2) E-Books on Indigenous Peoples

The Library has a number of collections on indigenous peoples. If you want to find ebooks on indigenous peoples in Canada, follow the steps below:

You have access to EBSCOhost's eBook Collection, eBook Canadian Collection, and eBook Academic Collection

Let's say you want to read books about indigenous peoples, focusing on Canada. In this case,

1) Go to one of the three collections, click Show all on the top, and choose the three eBook databases.

2) Enter "Indigenous peoples" OR "indian" and Canada in Subject Terms.

Note: Although the word "indian" is not appropriate to describe indigenous peoples and will be avoided as a subject term in the future, the word has not replaced with more appropriate term.

3) Narrow down your search by using Subject or Category on the left filtering options.

For the direct page, go to EBSCO E-Book Collections

Last Updated: September 24, 2015
Created by Y. Umetsubo

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Let's Find Books in the Library!

● Browsing the Shelves

You can find rich resources by browsing the shelves of any library. Here are some potentially useful locations you can try exploring for Mi'kmaq Studies publications.

E 99. M6 - Mi'kmaq history and culture

KE 7701-7749 - Laws of Canada and Aboriginal Peoples

PM 1791-1794 - Mi'kmaq language

● Browsing Books on the Following Topics

The search results include books (and some other types of materials) that are available via Novanet. This means that you may know get an item at the Cape Breton University Library, but you can borrow it from other institutions in Nova Scotia.

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