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Education: Language Arts

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Suggestions on Subject Terms (Novanet)


Language arts  

Language arts—Study and teaching

Language arts—Study and teaching (Early childhood)

Language arts—Study and teaching (Elementary)

Language arts—Study and teaching (Preschool)

Language arts—Study and teaching (Primary)

Language arts (Preschool)

Language arts (Primary)

Language arts (Early childhood)

Language arts (Elementary)  


Language arts teachers  

Language assessment

Language attrition   [P40.5.L28] - This is used for language loss.

Language awareness  - This is used for linguistic awareness.

Language awareness in children

Language bioprogram hypothesis (Linguistics)

Language centers  - This is used for language schools

Language change

Language data processing

Language death OR Language obsolescence

Databases for K-12 Students

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MAS Ultra-School Edition AND Primary Search
Limit Your Results

MAS Ultra-School Edition is designed specifically for high school libraries. The database covers

-- full text for popular high school magazines covering a wide-range of subject areas including history, science, careers and more.

Primary Search helps elementary school students for their research activities. The database

-- provides students with encyclopedic entries written specifically for kids.
-- includes full-text popular magazines including those from Cricket Media, such as Ladybug and Spider.

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