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Education: Books on Education in Canada

Use this information resource guide to help with your research

Print Books

The library carries books on Education in the L - LT sections; however, books that are relevent to education may be found in other areas depending on emphasis. For example, some books on Physical Education could be found in GV 201 - GV 1799; books on Musical Instruction could be found in MT 1 - MT 190.

Areas that may be of special interest:

  • History of Education - Canada:
    LA 410- LA 419
  • Theory and Practice of Education - Primary and elementary:
    LB 1501-  LB 1602
  • Theory and Practice of Education - Secondary:
    LB 1603 - LB 1696
  • Education and Training of Teachers
    LB 1705-LB 2299
  • Individual Institutions - Canada:
    LE 3 - LE 5