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MGMT4607 - HotelNEXT

Hotel Next

HotelNEXT is a national competition for students giving you an opportunity to design a future Canadian hotel. Your team can enter the Second Annual Canadian Millennial Hotel Competition [#hotelNEXT]. Deadline for submissions is April 3/17.  It will be fun!!!

During your career in Hospitality, it will be vital for hotels to keep adapting, differentiating themselves from the competition by offering services and accomodation that set them apart. As HotelNEXT organizers suggest, "while an increasing number of travelers will seek authentic and experience-based travel, the hotel of the future will need to appeal to both the young and the old, considering that the average traveler demographic is changing." According to Destination Canada, currently, "One in every five visitors to Canada is under age 24, reflecting the desire of Gen Y to see the world...Retiring baby boomers are also taking advantage of their accumulated wealth and free time to travel.”

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